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Why DGR?

With over two decades of experience, I know how to get the answers you need-- and leading your project means I'm always your point person. Why does this matter? 


I know how to talk to respondents: whether it's getting the quiet people to talk or the chatty ones to make room for others, I make sure we hear from everyone. Respondents are put at ease with an immediate explanation of what's behind the mirror, and I encourage an informal, conversational atmosphere.


And how to get the best answers: we'll write a great discussion guide ahead of time, but sometimes it's important to go off-script to get the best answers. My experience has taught me how to encourage participants to articulate their opinions so we get to the heart of the matter and truly establish a "no wrong answers" setting. 


You get face time with me-- always: During focus groups, the respondents aren't my only concern-- you are, too. I come into the back room to make sure you're getting the answers you need (and to eat some M+M's). This allows for real-time feedback from both of us to make sure we're getting the most out of every focus group. 

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