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About DGR

From television shows to consumer goods, from kids to teens to their parents, DeLevie Group Research works with a breadth of clients to provide qualitative market research. Through focus groups, in-depth interviews, and ethnographies, DGR uses tried and tested research methods to help companies deliver the best products and services by driving traffic and increasing revenue.


Founded in 1991, DGR has worked in partnership with companies as they embrace modern, digital distribution and communications tools to ensure they grow into new markets while retaining core customers. This work includes testing site design, brand promotion, and marketing tools for clients including television, retail, and consumer products.


DGR is a one-stop-shop for meticulous and effective market research. The company manages everything from screener preparation to recruitment supervision through the research process, and provides a final report with in-depth analysis of the research findings. With over two decades of experience, DGR's high-quality research and recommendation provide valuable guidance for clients.

About the Founder

Sharon DeLevie is the owner and founder of DeLevie Group Research. Connecting with people to map out the best strategy for a company is her passion, and has been the driver of her work and the ethos of her company since its creation.


Whether speaking to women in their homes about their retail habits or getting kids to explain exactly what about a new game will keep them playing for hours, Sharon’s experience working with people across sectors throughout the United States provides valuable information for companies seeking to understand their consumers.

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